License Agreement

All music is copyright © Lucky Lion Studios.

Upon purchasing a song from the Royalty-Free Video Game Music Library, you are granted the non-transferable right to use the music in your commercial or noncommercial production.

You are also permitted to make adjustments to the file in order to increase or decrease the overall volume, adjust the loop or change file types. Changes or additions to the composition of the song, however, are not permitted without the prior approval of Lucky Lion Studios. This includes adding vocals or creating remixes.

You are not permitted to resell the music as a music-only product. The music must be used as an accompaniment to the main production (video games, film, digital presentations or applications, etc).

You may not trade, duplicate or transfer the music except to incorporate it into your production. You may not offer the music as a stand-alone download, ringtone or audio CD.

For additional questions or clarification regarding anything found in this agreement, please fill out the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.


Refunds / Cancellation

Due to the nature of digital media, we are unable to issue refunds once a file has been downloaded. Because of this, we have provided watermarked versions of each song and we encourage you to listen through the entire song before making a purchase.

In the event of a technical problem resulting in the inability to download the purchased file, please contact us via the contact form with the name of the song and the time/date of purchase.


File Types / Alterations

If you have purchased a song and would like to request a different file type or minor alteration (such as an increase or decrease in overall volume or a loop adjustment), you may do so via the contact form.

Requests for alterations to the composition of the song may result in additional fees.


© Lucky Lion Studios
All songs written by Andrew Riley

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