We are currently accepting limited commission work for original music, written to your exact specifications. Commission rates vary depending on license, deadline and project requirements.

Non-Exclusive License
You are granted unlimited use, while we retain the right to reuse and resell the music.

Exclusive License
You are granted unlimited and exclusive use. We will not reuse or resell the song, nor any derivatives.

Please send your custom music requests to andrew@luckylionstudios.com, providing the following information: The project’s deadline (if applicable), the number of tracks you need, any musical references you would like your track to sound like (links to youtube videos or audio files are encouraged), and any additional information or media you can provide for your project.

Please note that the number of commissions we can accept is currently limited. Because of this, we recommend providing as much information as possible about your project. Screenshots, release date timeframes, and the anticipated scope of soundtrack are all highly recommended.

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